A time for rest


Taking a day…24 hours…to rest, be renewed and refreshed, to spend time with the Lord, unencumbered, unrestrained, by the demands of the world, of work, of life.

24 hours.

It shouldn’t be so difficult.

It shouldn’t be so impossible to unplug, to unwind.

But our lives run on the 24/7 cycle.  We rush and we race, always trying to catch up, always feeling behind.

There is no time to rest. No time to just be.

And yet…

God desires rest for us. God commands it of us, to keep holy the Sabbath. He knows that we need a time of peace, quiet, renewal. He knows the deepest needs of our hearts, minds and bodies.  After all, He was the great designer of these earthly vessels, and only He knows what we can endure before we hit our point of breaking.

Each of us know, logically, that we can’t always be on the go. We all know that there needs to be some time for rest. We all know, have heard the studies, about what stress does to our bodies and our minds. We all know there needs to be an escape, a time for the pressure valve on our lives to be released.

But our knowledge of such things does not seem to relate to what we do.

This past semester, everyone on campus had the opportunity to recieve the book “24/6″ by Matthew Sleeth. (If you didn’t get this book, come down to the Community Formation offices and pick up your free copy.)  This book really focuses on keeping the Sabbath, making it holy, re-creating and re-orientating our lives around that day of rest and time with the Lord.

This spring semester, we are inviting our Seminary community to join with one another in Sabbath practices. This is a gentle invitation to open your hearts and minds to the way of rest, the way of the Lord.

We invite you to choose a Sabbath day where work ceases, play increases, rest and refreshment occurs, and time with the Lord is full of renewal, hope and joy.

There will be opportunities to learn about Sabbath practices during lunch hours, Chapel times that focus on keeping the Sabbath, and groups meeting to eat, rest, and be refreshed with one another.  We invite you to join in, to find a way to be a part of the Sabbath experience, leaning in to the rest that is found when we live a 24/6 life.





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