When one person is called into ministry, many close to them also bear a part of that calling.  Formation Ministries at Asbury Seminary supports and resources the growth and wellness of singles, families, and marriages to enable each to thrive, with grace and fidelity, despite what life and ministry might demand of them. The Asbury Seminary community of singles and families is generationally diverse, joyfully intercultural, and practically-present to life’s daily celebrations and challenges.

Some of our programs include:

Women’s Communion

Us Time (a monthly marriage enrichment time)

Community Meals

Asbury Small Groups for Spouses and Students

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

New Couples Orientation

Couple’s Consecration (for graduating families)

Marriage Retreats for Junior and Senior Couples

Childcare for all of our events, along with Tuesday and Thursday Chapels

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Formation Ministries at Asbury Theological Seminary