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Growing a Community

We have fun in our department being creative, brainstorming new ways of connecting people to one another, bringing the Seminary community different ways to interact. We love to program, to really think through what the needs and desires of the community are, and try to meet those needs through our events and programs.

We help foster connections.

We can provide the time and space to meet one another. We can help give you tools to strengthen your marriage, or your parenting skills, or your group interactions. We can help you find a small group to be a part of, or help bring you in to a giant meal with your neighbors. We can give you “adult” time by caring for your children in childcare so that you can talk to other grown-ups.

We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to meet new friends and connect with others in our community.  We offer monthly potlucks, women’s communion, Us Time (a marriage enrichment time), and an ESL class for international spouses.   We help put together small groups at the beginning of each semester for students, spouses, and couples. There is the opportunity for Spiritual Formation Mentoring.  There is childcare provided for all of our events (except for potlucks) and during chapels on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We also have fun, random events like the Seeds Family Worship concert or the ATS Color Fun Run/Walk that give you the space to come out of your home and see one another. We help provide opportunities and places to interact with others.

But we cannot build community.

That is up to each one of you.

Community is built upon caring for one another, helping one another, loving one another.  Community is built by sharing, by being open and vulnerable, by honest and loving communication.  It is built by spending time with one another, intentional time growing friendships, cultivating deep conversations, sharing our stories.  It is built by getting to know your neighbors on a deeper level that just a “hello” on the street on in the hallways. Community grows by putting trust in one another, by having a spirit of hospitality, by doing simple things with one another to connect on more than a surface level.

But it takes being bold, stepping out of your comfort zone, stepping out of your home, or study carrel, or the library.  It takes boldness to step into and live into community.

It is up to every person to choose to live into community. It is a choice, and sometimes a hard one, to come and be present and to build community with one another.  It can be difficult to come to things and just BE.

In our world of always doing, always going, there is something wonderful and glorious in taking the time, the moment, to just be present, to be engaged, without pretense or expectations. There will always be papers to write, places to go, and work to do. But when you can come, be with those who are in the same situation, who understand exactly what you are going through, those are the times that you can relish. That is the community we want to foster. That is the space and time that we want to give you, as a precious member of this community.

But we need you.

It takes more than a department on campus to build community. It takes more that one or two people with a heart for others. It takes you. And me.  It takes us pouring into one another, being honest and real. It means risking.

Are you ready to risk? Are you ready to grow a community that cares for one another, that loves, that forgives?

Are you ready?




Our office, along with the entire Office of Community Formation, has gone through some big changes in the past year.  One of the most obvious is the fact that our offices have changed locations. We are no longer found in the student center, but over in McPheeters. (If you are specifically looking for our office, the room number is Mc104. ) Our second big change is our name. No longer are we Family Formation. We are now Formation Ministries, as it more encompasses the work we do.  Though we do have a heart for the spouses and the children of this community, we also care for the needs of those in our community who are single, and those without children, and the name change helps reflect more accurately the work we do. Ministry is most definitely where our hearts lie.

Our childcare area also has been transformed this year. We have a new supervisor, Jeannie Bryan, and we are so excited to have her. She comes with years of experience teaching music in a preschool, so we know we will be blessed by her! We also have many new childcare workers, as well as a dozen returning workers, so we are delighted with the depth of experiences and faith that all of these young men and women will bring. We are also now sharing the space with Jessamine Gymnastics, and if you swing by there when childcare isn’t in progress, you may just see a foam pit, parallel bars, mats, balance beams, and the works, all laid out.  For those who have utilized the room in the past when childcare hasn’t been in session, you will find that it is now occupied often with gymnastics classes. (For more information about the gymnastics, please visit their website:

The feel and the environment of the seminary seems to alter slightly every spring as members of our community move on from this place and move out into their ministry fields. Fall changes things, as the air is electric with the excitement that only comes with the start of school. New students and new families move in, settle in, and ready themselves for what this new adventure may bring.  And we are here, ready to do what we can, to help every person feel welcomed and valued.

This week has been New Student Orientation (aka NSO) and it has been a delight to get to meet so many new people and be re-energized by their enthusiasm.  We have been blessed to meet many of the spouses during our New Couple’s Orientation, and we are so excited to see how each person will bring a new perspective and energy to what we do.  As we continue to adapt our programs to best meet the needs of those who live within the community, we also continue to learn and grow from every person here. You touch our lives, just as much (if not more) than any program or event we offer can touch yours.

Hello and Goodbye

Summer is a season of transition in this community. So many people graduate in May, and then off they go into the world, to do the work God has called them to do. The town of Wilmore seems to empty, tipped on it’s side as a flood of people transition out of the area.

And after a few weeks, new families begin to move into the empty homes, new students arrive,  there are new faces to meet.  Where there was an air of sadness before, there is now a feeling of excitement that is almost tangible. As the town is refilled with people, it is also infused with a new energy.

Because it is so filled with transition, summer can be a hard season, both for adults and children alike. The face of a neighborhood can change in a weekend, and those who stay in the community can feel alone, abandoned, isolated.  Children lose their playmates, adults lose their connections with others. There can be a sense of loneliness that is palpable.

But summer also invites in a season for rest and renewal.  Leaning into the quiet and the peace can lend itself to a new awakening of deeper spiritual practices and a new sense of self.  Without the distractions that seem so abundant during the school year, summer can be a time to connect and reconnect with the Creator on a deeper, more intimate level.  A time to be in creation and appreciate it for the beauty and joy that it stirs up in one’s soul.  A time to forge deep and lasting relationships, to truly lean in to the friendships that have begun forming, and to solidify them.

Is your summer full of transitions, full of changes? Are you weary and over-extended, emotionally worn from the day to day? Perhaps it is a holy invitation to rest, to recharge.  An invitation to spend time with the Divine and be refreshed by Him.  Take a Sabbath, or two, or perhaps a week if you are able, and rest.  Rest in whatever way brings healing and renewal to your soul.

Our team regularly prays for people in the community, those whose needs we are aware of, and those that the Lord places on our hearts. If you are in need of prayer, rest, renewal, please don’t hesitate to contact Community Formation. We will pray with you and for you.