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Classtime Game

1. Yes, Jazzberry Jam is a real color from Crayola.  Yes, that really is the exact shade of Jazzberry Jam.

2. If you’re wondering, “Hey, they’re sitting behind him!  How do they know what shade his face is?” the answer is: I didn’t think about that until after I already drew it.  The in-universe explanation is: He turned sideways one second before, and they saw his red face.  The back of his neck is also probably Jazzberry Jam.

3. Please don’t gamble in class.  It’s a game you can play without any exchange of money.  :)

4. If you do decide to play, here’s an excellent resource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crayola_colors

5. When picking colors, it was a toss up for me between Jazzberry Jam and Razzmatazz.  Which color do you think is funnier?

One Response to “Classtime Game”

  1. Mary says:

    Well, both are lovingly portrayed in Jamberry. If Teapot doesn’t have it yet, then I know what baby gift to send your way. Any book where a boy and a bear drive their canoe over a waterfall and make it rain blueberries and the elephants skate on razzberry jam while the Berryband jams Razzberry Jazzberry Razzmatazzberry is good stuff. I think that whether or not it’s a crayola color, Strawberry jam could be a an appropriate color for a “That Guy” embarrassed at being corrected by the prof…