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Asbury International

When you enter Asbury, her global community will change you.  And when it comes to Global Citizenship which is also deeply Christian, none compare to the hearts formed at Asbury.  From our Beeson International Center for Christian Leadership and Preaching to our Singing Seminarians, students and staff alike are forged by Asbury’s global community on a daily basis. From her Ministry for Global Community Development to her E. Stanley Jones school of world missions and more, Asbury’s faculty and staff engage in God’s mission to prepare and send forth world leaders who also know how to impact their alleyways.

But what are the hot zones for formation, and how can you get in them? Follow Asbury’s trending global experiences with the Director for Global Community Development and his weekly newsletter.  This publication, “Asbury International” reflects on the previous week’s global experiences and looks forward to upcoming can’t-miss moments and events.

Join in God’s movement as He prepares neighborhood leaders for a global world.

One Response to “Asbury International”

  1. Krissi says:

    I’d like that global citizenship to hand me a Canadian citizenship. How about it?